About Us

What is Camp Hunt ?

Camp Hunt is a Christian Youth Camp where all children are welcome to come and experience a safe, fun, and learning environment. Camp Hunt is also an outdoors camp in that it offers opportunities for hiking, archery, and many recreational activities in the beautiful outdoors. 

Where is Camp Hunt ?

Camp Hunt is a summer camp for kids located on a hill overlooking the beautiful Chenago Valley of Central New York. It is located 30 miles south of Utica, 4 miles east of Hamilton, and 1.5 miles west of Hubbardsville on Hill Road. 

Why Camp Hunt ?

Camp Hunt is a place to belong for anyone. Children and teens of various ethnicities, backgrounds, and personalities can find a place to belong at Camp Hunt. The Camp Hunt counseling staff are highly qualified and trained individuals to execute the program in a safe and fun way.

View of Camp Hunt

Check out this aerial view of Camp Hunt! We enjoy a beautiful facility where it is easy to step back and be in awe of the world we live in. 

Contact Us


Camp Hunt's Physical Address

7936 Hill Road, Hubbardsville, New York 13355, United States

Camp Hunt's Year-Round Mailing Address

P.O. Box 2358

Liverpool, NY 13089