About Us

What is Camp Hunt ?

Camp Hunt is a Christian Youth Camp where all children are welcome to come and experience a safe, fun, and learning environment. Camp Hunt is also an outdoors camp in that it offers opportunities for hiking, archery, and many recreational activities in the beautiful outdoors. 

Where is Camp Hunt ?

Camp Hunt is a summer camp for kids located on a hill overlooking the beautiful Chenago Valley of Central New York. It is located 30 miles south of Utica, 4 miles east of Hamilton, and 1.5 miles west of Hubbardsville on Hill Road. 

Why Camp Hunt ?

Camp Hunt is a place to belong for anyone. Children and teens of various ethnicities, backgrounds, and personalities can find a place to belong at Camp Hunt. The Camp Hunt counseling staff are highly qualified and trained individuals to execute the program in a safe and fun way.

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Camp Hunt Inc.

7936 Hill Road, Hubbardsville, New York 13355, United States