2019 Summer Program

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Video of Camp Hunt

Enjoy this video of various activities and facilities at Camp Hunt. Also, feel free to read the description of a typical day at Camp Hunt below. 

What is Camp Hunt like?

A Typical Day at Camp Hunt

The day begins at Camp Hunt with campers getting ready to meet everyone at Flagpole where we have a short devotional to begin our day. From there, we all adjourn to the Mess Hall for some breakfast to fuel our bodies for a full day. You don't want to miss the cinnamon rolls as big as your face!

Once breakfast has come and gone, each cabin fulfills their responsibility of the day by completing a "detail" together so that the campgrounds can remain clean. Afterwards, everyone gathers together for a morning recreation activity. There is nothing like archery at 9:45 in the morning! 

After having some fun, everyone will go to a Bible class taught by our wonderful Bible teachers. Then we all participate in some singing in our auditorium called Grindley, and at noon we eat lunch. 

After lunch and another short detail, we have a planned hour of rest from 1:00-2:00 PM. Here the campers and counselors can take a break from the structured day by resting in their cabins. 

Following rest hour, the guys get some guy time, and the girls get some girl time. Each group has time to swim, while the other group can choose to either play some sports or participate in a "nature" activity to learn about various camping or hiking skills. 

From there, all campers get to refuel at Canteen with a snack and a drink before they all go to the second Bible class before dinner. 

After more great food, campers and counselors participate in the evening recreation activity where everyone can enjoy being active together. 

Following recreation time, some nights we have a devotional on the hill. Here we are able to sing to the very same God who created the beautiful sky line we are looking directly at. 

Last, and certainly not least, we end the day with a Campfire. We all gather around a fire, and on the days when we do not have a devotional on the hill we have a 'silly campfire' where we have hilarious skits and songs. And on the days we don't have a devotional on the hill, we have a 'spiritual campfire' with spiritual skits and songs. 

From there, all of the campers travel to their cabins for a night of rest, and if they are lucky, every once in a while they may be invited to a night swim in the pool before going to bed. 

Want to Know More?

If you have any more questions involving what goes on at Camp Hunt, you can always contact us and we would love to fill you in! 

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